What Others are Saying About Stan and AdWorks

“Stan Barker (our “web guy” as we call him) has been doing the Gerard Truffle website since it’s inception.
He is not only always available for weekly updates and additions, but has also helped out in almost all of our web/internet related difficulties. In this aspect of our business, as we all know , there are always challenges
and changes that happen almost monthly.
Stan and AdWorks is always up on the best solution to a problem, as well as suggesting and putting into action ways to run our website and weekly e-mailer in the most efficient manner.
Being live musicians, the electronic end of our business is but only one aspect of the whole picture. With little sleep, lots of traveling, and plenty to do to run a self-employed, grass roots operation, it’s great to
have AdWorks working for us. Stan is available on short notice, even if he is on the road!”
Dave Gerard
Truffle/ Savoy Productions

“…Stan Barker is nothing less than a creative genius…. There isn’t a major market station or agency that wouldn’t be proud to have (Stan) on their staff. International clients like Marker Bindings are still asking for his work years after he went out on his own.” -> Fran McQuade, Sales Rep.

“Lots of good accurate coverage around the world and lots of compliments coming in about the timeliness and quality of the web presentation.” Jim

“Stan wrote and produced work that has translated into over $300,000.00 in new business…an excellent addition to any team. We were up against 4 other stations…we walked in with the best commercial and walked away with the buy, thanks to Stan’s extra efforts.” -> Kim Tierney, Sales Rep.

“After the success of our last project using Stan’s writing and production, we have decided to take the concept across the country.” -> Jane Marlow, Alternative Advertising Agency.

“…(Stan’s) attitude and abilities are excellent…thanks.” -> Norman Knight, President, Knight Radio.

“It is extremely important to have someone write and produce top quality commercials, and Stan is doing a great job.” -> Kristan Bishop, WMUR-TV Sales Rep.

“I randomly chose 3 pieces of copy Stan had written for us, and put them through a test that Chris Lytle had devised. A test designed to check for copy quality, using “fog factors” and “cliche indexes.” I was pleasantly surprised to find all 3 pieces scored a perfect 100 percent. Stan is “the man” when it comes to top notch copy.” -> Todd Mallinson, Sales Mgr. WBEC Radio, Pittsfield.

“…I did enjoy watching your copy in action…. The owner asked where do we go from here. I suggested a campaign with a feeling of history… When I suggested it, I thought, Stan has already thought of this, and built a copy module which can be extended without reselling the client on a new creative idea every time.” -> Thomas Pierce, General Manager, Knight Radio.


…………………………. and this was just today.